Chair at TK Home & Garden.

If you haven’t made a trip down the Valley to Hudson, you should put it on your “to go” list. It’s an odd little town- the main drag (Warren Street) has a treasure trove of galleries, eateries, and home design stores that are NYC- tier. However, you step one block off the main drag and you are confronted with, well, borderline slums- proof that this artsy little community is definitely emerging but still very much in the thralls of some hard times.

My mom needed some reclaimed wood for her kitchen shelves (a typical good to be purchasing in a place like Hudson), so Bix and I decided to tag along, since I was jonesing for a trip down that way. Unfortunately, we got a late start (due to nap time) and we had to go on Tuesday, the one day we both have off, so it was a brief and slightly edited trip. You see, many Hudson stores tend to be closed on Tuesday and/ or Wednesdays, something not as common in Saratoga. It is one of the many things I do not understand about this little enclave of artists and artisans (hmm- on second thought, after writing that maybe I’m starting to understand it more…). But my real confusion lies in how these stores, which sell at prices one would expect to see in Williamsburg or the West Village, can survive in a town no where near there and only on five days a week. Saratoga certainly cannot support those prices- I’ve tried carrying higher- end furniture. And let me tell you, it does not move quickly. Maybe it’s because people have become online bargain hunters (myself included), so buying an upholstered chair from us for $1,200 is hard for a lot of people to swallow (even though places like Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn seem to sell them like hot cakes). Anyway- I digress. My point is that A.) Hudson is a GREAT interior design source, IF you are willing to spend the big bucks and IF you are there on the 5 days people open their shops and B.) my photos are limited, since we had only a couple of hours, on a day when many places were closed, with a MEGA thunderstorm baring down on us (it was THAT storm- you know, the one last week where people took pictures of golf ball- size hail in their palms?). So, we only made it half way up Warren Street (which is much longer than Broadway’s main district, here in town). So, consider this the preview for a more thorough future post.

Next time, I am SO trying this BBQ joint. And how cute is it? Hometown U.S.A!

An example of the Hudson dichotomy- a weird abandoned store next to an adorable, restored carriage house. (I mean, if this were Saratoga, a parking garage would have stomped on that abandoned store ages ago! ; )

TK Home & Garden is very cute and well edited. Love the “open” sign.

What I would give for a little courtyard like this behind Silverwood… (TK again)

This is at the Hudson Super Market- a GREAT source. It’s sort of an antique dealer’s co-op, where they all rent space in the same building, so you find things from a variety of styles and eras. I am obsessed with these retro “Sputnik” lamps. Restoration Hardware is selling repros, but the real thing is pretty darn cool. In fact, I basically tried to convince my mom to buy a house up near North Broadway because it had an original one these in it…

Ah, the Bertoia Chair. How I love thee… especially in black! These are circa 1960’s. I’m thinking I might have to back for the two that weren’t sold.

My grandparents have smaller versions of this light fixture in their home. They’re kind of fun! Also, notice the adorable vintage car toy in the background.

Foley & Cox. A smaller store, but nice things. Great boxwoods!

Sweet painted desk at Foley & Cox- would be awesome in Bix’s room someday.

I love Lili and Loo and it’s BIG- two full stories! They have these cool metal wall sculptures for $30 that I should have gotten when I was there… damn. That makes 2 things I have to go back for. They also sell a select array of fresh flowers outside- a great idea that I’ve been considering for Silverwood.

Cute little ice cream shop next to Lili and Loo. See those clouds? That’s why we our trip was REALLY cut short.

Lick, again. Mom’s outfit matched the shop. Well, that’s it for the little “taste” (pun intended) of Hudson- more to come when I have more time and better weather!