Let’s just call this one “an open letter to the homeowners”… I think (and this is just a greedy suggestion on my part) that the homeowners at 2 Fifth Avenue should consider subdividing this carriage house off their property… so I can buy it.* It’s very cute, has a quaint little front “yard”(really more of a gated drive-way, but cute, nontheless), and is just big enough for a family (I think it has 3 bedrooms). And even though stylistically they are not really similar, something about it has always reminded me a little of Orchard House from the movie Little Women (which was modeled after Alcott’s real home and is one of my all- time dream homes).

This house just embodies the good ol’ American family home. Don’t you just want to snuggle in there on a warm, winter night?

* This is (mostly) said, “tongue-in-cheek”. I am not trying to be obnoxious or pushy, just…cheeky. Although, I do love the place.