Last year, after we sold the house on Regent Street without any real plan as to where we were going to go, we looked at several options. One of them was to build on a lot my parents own out on Denton Road near Skidmore College. We had all but signed on the dotted line to build a Yankee Barn Homes post and beam home, when we decided that it was just going to be too much- too much money, too much stress with a baby, and mostly, after all is said and done, we would still not own the lot  and would be living on the generosity of our parents until we could afford to pay them for the land. So, we bought a house in town, reno’d that, and couldn’t be happier (although, in hindsight, the Yankee Barn Home probably would have been done faster). However, I still check out this company’s website from time to time to see what’s new and to gaze upon the house that we’ll hopefully have someday.

The way these post and beam companies generally work is that they build most of the exterior and frame components off site, at their own warehouse and, after you’ve had the foundation secured, they deliver to your building site, raise the frame, and have it “weathertight” within about two weeks. Pretty awesome, right? Here’s a link to their process. After the “barn” is raised, then your local builder finishes up with all the drywall, electrical, plumbing, kitchen and bath finishing, ect., but it still makes things move, generally, a lot quicker. The plans are really cool as well; with open concepts, soaring, beamed ceilings, and huge windows that let in tons of light, I am in love. They are also super flexible and will customize any plan for you, so if you you want to add a mudroom or move your laundry upstairs, no problem. Below are some images of one of their barn homes and a carriage house, as well as the plan for my dream home which just so happens to be called, “The Chelsea”. I think we’re meant to be.

"The Bennington" Carriage House

Interior in "The Bennington".

"The Somerset". This one is a barn home, whereas "The Bennington" is a carriage house, with a garage below the living space.

Beautiful kitchen in "The Somerset"

The entryway- love the stone firewood niche.

My future home.

– Chelsea