This is the first in a little series I’m calling “Drive-by Shootings”, where I post images of carriage houses, homes, sheds, or any little structure that strikes my fancy. (And actually, it’s generally more like “walk-by shootings”, since most of what I photograph is found on my daily walks with dog and bebe, but it just wasn’t as catchy…). Sometimes it will just be an image and sometimes I’ll have a brief description or history. It’s just a quick peek from the street! (Like the Sartorialist, but with buildings!)

This beautiful stone building is known as the Whitney Carriage House (and honestly, I like this a lot better then the home that I think it originally serviced…) and is located on a cute alley just blocks from downtown Saratoga. Built in 1920 and with it’s perfectly structured lines and handsome stone masonry, it seems like it belongs to an old English manor home. Thoughts of Downton Abbey, anyone?