I am so excited about our new exhibition at Silverwood- “Contemplating the Land”,  paintings and large charcoal drawings by Catherine Wagner Minnery. The featured work, landscapes and “airscapes” focusing on water features and clouds, are both dynamic and serene, capturing the feeling of the places depicted as much as their physical beauty.


We hope to see you next Sunday, March 25th, to Meet the Artist between 12 and 4 PM. We’ll have coffee and mimosas!

A beautiful rendering in charcoal of the Cascade Lakes in the Adirondacks.

Artist Statement:
I am constantly inspired by the natural world; the sunrises and sunsets, the ordinary upstate NY landscape that I see on a daily basis. Of course, I also am deeply moved by the majestic: the rivers and streams and mountains that are part of this landscape. I could go on and on about light and shadow, the underlying abstract and spiritual components of any subject matter (other locales, interiors, still lifes or some combination) but I create art because I have a need to make visual the excitement I felt when I first looked at (or thought about) the subject at hand, searching for the unseen, not just the surface reality.

For my landscapes, I usually work from small studies and quickly taken digital photos. Rarely do I start and finish a piece plein air, but I have a strong desire to
work outside. It recharges me. In the studio I gather all my material and filter the subject matter through
my own lens of experience and artistic sensibilities so the work will be a personal interpretation.

I like Paul Klee’s creative credo,  “Art does not
replicate what we see; rather it makes us see.”