The kitchen, before today. 

Budget and timing are big factors at this point in the game. Phase one of the Carriage House Lane renovation needs to be “quick and dirty”. Make the place livable and get Char in as soon as possible, so she can get her things out of storage and nest a bit. We don’t have all year to leisurely put additions on and gut the place. Plus, we don’t want to- we love the charm of the old bead-board and cabinets… if she wanted a new house, she would have bought one.

One of the biggest problems with the house is the cramped kitchen. It was more like a butler’s pantry than a kitchen. So, working with the space we’ve got, we are taking one wall out (non- structural) and moving the cabinets back to add another 3-4 feet of space. No major plumbing or electrical moved. The rest is cosmetic. Easy peasy! It won’t be a dream kitchen with immense “openness” and counter space for miles, but it will work. It will be quaint, with it’s original cabinetry, and newly modernized with new appliances and a new island. Plus, if Char ever decides to put her dream addition on the place, this reno won’t be wasted (waste is something we both abhor). It will serve quite well as the new butler’s pantry.



There used to be a door way here, at the end of the countertop. 


The old layout. You came in the back door and right into the fridge. (The room to the right was the dining room but will be come the mudroom.)


The new layout is only slighter bigger but much more functional. The previous kitchen had a nice walk-in pantry (the small space behind the fridge in the old kitchen), but it was more important to have space is the main kitchen, so sadly it went “bye-bye”.

Shout-out to my brother, Reeves, for the quick CAD designs. Good job, bro!