My favorite street in Saratoga has always been Carriage House Lane. When we lived at “Grey Gables” at 14 Clement Avenue and later in the big red barn at 53 Greenfield Avenue, I used to walk my dogs down Carriage House Lane and pine over the adorable white carriage house on the corner. I would even periodically put notes in the mailbox asking the owner that if they ever were to consider selling, to please contact me first (that is how I purchased my last home- sometimes it works!).

One evening this fall, Chelsea, the biggest real estate scout I know (she is always scouring the web, looking at homes and markets all over the country) called me practically screaming. After my initial heart attack, she finally got it out that my favorite house had just been listed on the MLS. I was ecstatic and could not sleep that night over the reality that I was FINALLY going to get an opportunity to see my Dream Cottage.

I made an appointment the next morning and immediately wrote an offer. I closed on the home on Monday, December 14th and I am over the moon with excitement over all the plans I have to restore and renovate this “cutey patooty” home. Also, fun fact, this was the carriage house for Inniscara, the home of Chauncey Olcott, who wrote the beloved Irish ballad, “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”. Even more charming!

The street side of my new home.

The street side of my new home.

I always enjoyed the series in House Beautiful titled “The Bee Cottage”. It was the story of the renovation of the author’s CT cottage after the end of a longterm relationship and the re birth of a cottage that she loved. I hope to do a similar series and hope you will enjoy following the progress of my journey in the “C Cottage”.

Happy New Year!