A year or so ago we did a post on the “tiny home” movement, which we LOVE. In theory. The movement has kind of exploded- there has even been a week-long series of House Hunters devoted exclusively to tiny home hunts. After seeing the House Hunters specials (especially the shows’ conclusions, where they show the new home owners living in their tiny homes after a month or so), I think I’ve decided tiny homes are ultimately just not super practical, especially if you live with anyone or anything else (I mean, we own a home design store… how could we live without at least some superfluous decor?). Although I love what tiny homes represent- moderation, scaling down the excess in our lives- I think perhaps they go a little too far the other way. That being said, for those that can make it work, I salute you! Cue, this clip from the hilarious show, Portlandia, staring Fred Armison (formerly of SNL). I think this says it all… Enjoy! -Chelsea