Obviously Thanksgiving is the ultimate entertainer’s holiday- the entire holiday revolves around food, drink, family, and friends (and maybe some football). What’s not to like?

Whether you are the “home team” or away this Thanksgiving, here are a few items from the store that would make make your table-scape shine or give your host or hostess one more thing to be thankful for.

All of these items are available at Silverwood Saratoga (while supplies last, of course!).

1. Pinecone “Cork” Candles: Super cute and practical! Why buy fancy candlesticks when you just drank the last sip from two perfectly good ones! Bottoms up and- bam!- festive table ambiance.

MP Pinecone Toppers MP Pinecone Toppers 2

2. Pewter Oak Leaf Gravy Boat by Vagabond House: I mean… there are just no words  to match the cuteness of this gravy boat. No worries- if no one buys it, it’ll find a good home. At my house.

VHAcornOakLeafGravy3. Acorn Salad Servers and Bowl: Whimsical and elegant, these make your table or buffet a stunner and they hold food! Whaaa?? Oh, and the price point makes it a home run (each runs between $40 and $70). Too much for a hostess gift? We have coordinating spreaders for $14 that come in a gift box.

MP Acorn Salad Servers



4. Pheasant Placecard Holders: I’m not sure why place card holders aren’t as popular as they used to be. They complete a proper table, People! Whatevs- I love them, so we will keep selling them. So there. CC Pheasant Card Holders


5. Richard Bishop Glassware: This glassware is not for the stuffy. It’s got a fun side and it comes in a great gift set/ box, so there can be less wrapping and more drinking! Chin chin! RB Snooty Fox6. Mini mason jar shot glasses: These are are one of my favorite things in the store right now. They are $12. They come in a cute box. And they are just so stinkin’ cute. I plan on celebrating Thanksgiving Eve with these bad boys. MP Shot Glass-Chelsea