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After Char had the pleasure of visiting this charming store in East Chatham, NY, she insisted that we take the new baby on his first road trip for a second visit as soon as possible… Everett was three weeks old. Well, he handled the ride like a champ (and thank God, because he’s going to have to get used to trips like these!).

The store in East Chatham is in a beautiful Federal-style building flanked by a big barn full of cool furniture and lighting- if only we had such a space for Silverwood! The main space is a sophisticated mix of furniture, gifts, and tabletop items. There is much to see, but it is not overwhelming- Meg, the owner, has done a fabulous job editing and merchandizing her mix of traditional and contemporary wares. I have to say, the barn is my favorite part of the compound- it houses an eclectic mix of unique pieces at pretty reasonable price points. If I had a dining room big enough to house it, the 12 foot, metal topped table would have strapped to Char’s little SUV’s roof! The cement deer was pretty tempting too…

Next, we pushed on to Hudson to visit Meg in her new location on Warren Street. Like her “flagship” store, Classic Country in Hudson is also a very cool stop, just on a smaller scale. My two favorite items there? Her tabletop moss terrariums with cheeky, teensy tiny figurines inside (like a tiny hiking couple) and a big, deep, down chaise upholstered in a stunning shade of jewel-tone blue velvet, for my next house… you know, the one with the 20 foot long dining room that will accommodate my amazing 12 foot long table. Someday…

And here are just a few shots of the store in East Chatham.


This shade also came in a horse design… how perfect for Saratoga. cc4 cc3 cc2




Score! Nana bought these cute little grey/green moccs for Everett. I can’t wait until they fit!

The barn. So wish we had one of these behind us at 24 Caroline…


My buddy, the deer. cc9

My love, the table.

– Chelsea