PB garage

We wanted to get my three year-old something fun, that would stand out under the tree when he woke up on Christmas morning, but that wasn’t a plastic monstrosity. I found this adorable wooden garage on a popular children’s furniture site (as well as the play toaster he’s been begging for), but I kept loading it in my online “cart” and then abandoning it. Well, I think the local retail gods were speaking to me, because I decided I was going to just check to see if they had something similar at G. Willikers (the toy store in town that I adore). Low and behold! they have the exact same garage. Nine dollars cheaper (BEFORE shipping). Oh and did I mention that they wrap? Score! We aren’t planning on wrapping the garage, since we want it assembled and out for the “wow” factor, but they ALSO had the exact same wooden toaster set I wanted. Wrap it up! Double score!

And that, my friends, is why shopping local is the bees knees! 

PB toys-Chelsea