Casino SAVEIf you are as concerned as to what Vegas-style gaming will do to our prosperous and quaint downtown as I am, there is now an organized movement under way and the dialogue has really begun! As I mentioned in a previous blog, I had been concerned that no one had even begun to talk about this issue, at least in any organized public forum. However, after the very eye-opening forum held by the Saratoga Wire a few weeks ago (thank you!) and then the election results last week, people are beginning to rally against the expansion to Vegas-style gaming in Saratoga. Local teacher, Colin Kelpetar started the Facebook page “Saratogians Against More Gambling in Our Town”, which has since combined with 1 or 2 other groups to become “SAVE Saratoga (Saratogians Against Vegas- Style Expansion)”. Here is our (“our”, since I am a member) statement of purpose:

“SAVE Saratoga is a community-organized opposition group to the siting of a Las Vegas-style casino in the city of Saratoga Springs. We seek to preserve our thriving downtown, rarely seen in America today and recognized nationally; our world renown performance art spaces; our thriving economy and our social and individual security and pride that generations of thoughtful and caring Saratogians have worked to build, rebuild and preserve.”

You can request to join the group if you’d like to receive the most up-to-date info on press and meetings that are planned, regarding the opposition to Vegas-style gaming in Saratoga.

Look, my intention is not to use this blog as a political “soapbox”, but in this case, I am concerned about protecting this special city and the quality of life it provides… the very things this blog celebrates. But don’t worry! While I will personally stand up for this cause, I won’t be vehemently expounding my thoughts on it here (phew, right?). However, I will be posting updates on the meetings and press regarding it, since I think it is so important for anyone who loves Saratoga or enjoys its surrounding areas to know about what is going on and to have a say (if they so choose) on this very important issue.

Casino meeting

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