It’s no secret that I love Target. I shop there at least once a week, I have a Target card (5% off every purchase, people!), and I even own stock in Target (it helps me justify my habit… at least I know I’m getting some of the MANY dollars I spend there back, if even in a small way). In other words, small business- owner ethics aside, I have no qualms admitting that I love this Big Box store that quashes little guys like me all the time…I just love it too much.

This week, my Score! picks are these fantastic outdoor wire baskets by Smith & Hawken for Target. Under $25 each, these baskets will probably out live me and my kids… they are super sturdy and very cute, to boot! They will be perfect for corralling all the backyard clutter (balls, bats, bubbles…) that builds up throughout the summer. Yippee!

Score- basket