89 Court Door May 2013 Lately, I rarely post pictures of my own house. This is mostly because:

a. I own a home accessories store and I am constantly staging and merchandizing there, so my own home gets neglected because that is the last thing I want to do when I get home. You know, sort of like “a builder’s house is never finished”, or whatever the old adage is?

b. I have a two year-old, a big fuzzy dog, and (wonderful) messy husband, so the house is generally in a state of chaos. Also, I come from a long line of clutter- prone people, so (admittedly) I too am not always the neatest.

c. I barely have time to clean the house, let alone stage and take pretty pictures of it for my blog.

However, in Saratoga the summer rental market is INSANE, as many of you know. If you live close enough to town and the track, you can probably pay off your property taxes for the year and put money aside for that third- floor reno you’ve been dying to tackle, if you rent your house for August. It can be tough if you have no where to go or would never want to leave Saratoga during its peak season, but we luckily have family on Lake George that we can bunk with for August. Therefore, the house is now available for rent, so people periodically come to see if they would like to spend six weeks and a lot of their hard earned cash on said house, which means we then scramble (and I mean SCRAMBLE!) to make this house look presentable and worth every penny, when they do.

That, my friends, is the long story of why I am posting pictures of my living room, finally. The house was clean.

89 Court Living Room May 2013

It’s always a work in progress, but I’m pretty happy with it right now. I custom design the mantel so that we could hide the TV components inside it. You just lift the wooden panel in front to access them.


89 Court Living Room May 2013 3


89 Court Breakfast table May 2013

I didn’t have time to get new tapers… don’t judge. : )

89 Court Door May 2013


89 Court Living Room May 2013 2

And just for fun, here's a "Before" pic from when we first looked at the house!

And just for fun, here’s a “Before” pic from when we first looked at the house!

PS- Yes, the pictures are not my best. I took them on my iPhone in the 5 spare mintues I had while I was waiting for the realtor to show up. I can’t do it all!! ; )

– Chelsea