We are starting a new category/ feature called “What a Catch!”, where we pick homes in the area that are for sale that we are particularly drawn to, whether it’s because it’s especially cute, a great deal, or any sort of “je ne said quoi” that catches our fancy. Since we are both real estate agents, we are always on the look out. Neither of us are in the market for a new house (boo!), but maybe you are, so take a look-see!

(By the way- this is not a shameless plug. I just really enjoy trolling the internet and MLS for houses. In fact, I will be posting links to the listing office so you can contact the listing agent directly if you see something you like. However, if you would like to talk to either one of us about real estate, we would be very happy to do that as well.)

The first “Catch” is a commercial building in downtown Saratoga. If you’ve been in Silverwood, then it is not surprising that I covet this building. It would be a dream Silverwood space! We would only need a measly few hundred thousand to put into it, after the sale price. Sigh… maybe some day.

For someone with the moola, it’s 10,000 square feet of awesome potential. I hope whoever nabs this place keeps the barn shell and does something cool with it.

Henry 1

Henry 2

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– Chelsea