With all these gloomy, winter days, I find myself thinking of warmer weather and perusing the photos from my short but wonderful trip to Nantucket this past June. My dear friend, Molly, invited me for three days and since I hadn’t been in several years, I practically had my bags packed before she had the words out of her mouth!

Nantucket Rose Door

Nantucket Roses

Although we woke up to a rainy and overcast day we did not let that us stop us. We browsed in the fabulous boutiques and shops (even the Hospital Thrift Shop where we found some fun treasures) and then decided to take the Historic Home Tour offered through the famous Whaling Museum.

Nantucket door

Greater Light's gardens

Greater Light’s gardens

The tour was a little disappointing, although the final home, “Greater Light”, was an interesting peek into the artist studio and home of the Monaghan sisters, two Quaker sisters from Philadelphia who in the 1930’s renovated a pig farm into this artistic treasure; they were way before their time in their design and aesthetics.

Greater Light

Greater Light

After the tour, even though it was still drizzly, we enjoyed walking through some of the quaint streets and peeking into the “secret gardens” that Molly and I love so much! Molly also gave me the history of the “Friendship Stairs”, which I had always noticed but never knew the history.

Nantucket Sconset

On our last day, we decided to rent a car and drive to the other parts of the island. While tooling through Sconset, my favorite area of Nantucket, famous for its rose- covered cottages, we came across a discarded treasure, an old linen basket outside The White Elephant Hotel. We desperately tried to wedge this “diamond in the rough” into our rental car every which way, but to no avail. It was painful to leave this cache behind even though neither of us had a place for it (although, that never stops me!). I am sure it was comical to see two well- dressed women “dumpster diving” outside this exclusive hotel! We are hopeful that some other creative person re-cycled this old beauty and I still smile when I remember this expedition!

Molly with our big score! Too bad we couldn't get it in the car!

Molly with our big score! Too bad we couldn’t get it in the car!

Although the weather was not great for my three days (except on the ferry over and back, of course), my brief trip to Nantucket was a lovely sojourn and entre into summer, last year.  I hope Molly invites me again… and if she does I am renting a pick- up!