Ok, so I had big plans to document all the cute places we went in Anna Maria this past trip down. I ended up cutting my trip short so that I could leave darling bebe at home with his daddy instead of bringing him for the 10 days we were originally supposed to do together (I decided 3 short days solo is more relaxing then 10 days with Bix and no Josh… plus, at this point, Bix is just as happy staying home. Let’s face it- a trip south was really just for me anyways). Anywho, I didn’t get as many cute pictures as I’d hoped (and some places proved not as photogenic as I had originally thought), so after much deliberation (hence the long absence between blogs), I am going to post a mish- mash of cute places I saw over the brief 3 and a half day trip.

These images are from a cool little historic home tour in Sarasota that we took last Sunday. I would have taken more interiors, but it was so crowded that it was hard to get any good shots. But, hey, Florida’s more about the outdoors anyways, right?

Love this garden! Unexpected for Florida, but it works!

The same backyard as the garden (above). There is an outdoor shower hidden in that Banyan!

Outdoor shower hidden in the massive banyan tree. So cool.

This shower was under an enclosed porch, but they had drilled little holes in the decking to allow it to drain. I love the way they "styled" (which I'm pretty sure just happened organically with things collected from the beach) the mirror and shelf.