As some of you in Saratoga know, the old Boyce & Drake on Caroline St. went through a bit of a makeover last May. Our gallery, Silverwood, opened a Saratoga location there in June. We didn’t do a whole lot with the infrastructure- we wanted to retain the Victorian charm of the building in a rustic/ loft-y way, so we just whitewashed the tin ceilings, holes and all; took down some crumbling drywall, exposing beautiful brick; and stripped the floors, leaving them sort of “brindle- coated” from the old varnish and the wood’s natural color. It’s cozy and spacious- we couldn’t be happier with the space. (Additionally, we rented part of the space to Torso Lingerie Studio, who has also done a fabulous job in breathing some new life into the old Victorian gal on Caroline Street… pics of that hopefully soon to follow.)

Our counter area, before.

Same corner, today.

The gallery, before we exposed the brick and added new lighting.

The gallery now.

This image is bad, but you get the gist.

Same view, much different scenery.