The front door we removed.

As I’ve mentioned, our little carriage house was quite tiny. It had two exterior doors (one from the front of the house, one from the side yard) that opened onto a small living room/ dining room/ kitchen area. My step-dad, Bob, who also happens to be our builder, ingeniously suggested that the front door, which faced the street, was unnecessary. Away it went and it made the space inside much more usable. We put a porch on the side of the house and then, voila!, we had a new “front” door. We also gained more useable yard, by eliminating the front walkway.

As I previously mentioned, we also moved the doorway to the downstairs bedroom from where the new kitchen is now to the hallway (if you can call it that) that leads to the stairs. In doing so, we did lose a closet, but I think it was worth the added kitchen space. Other than that, we put in new windows (throughout the house), added some recessed lighting, and painted the cute staircase and beadboard, which made all the difference.

Before we removed front door.

With door gone, we could use that whole wall.

Old kitchen (on the left) and doorway to downstairs bedroom.

New kitchen with bedroom door removed.

Old stairs with former closet to the left.

Our new "foyer". It's not much, but it worked! Removing the closet also opened up the narrow hall to the stairs.


– Chelsea