The bath off the downstairs bedroom before reno.

The little Carriage House that Could miraculously had TWO bathrooms in its sprawling 1,000 square feet (well, one and a half before we got to it). Off the downstairs bedroom there was a full bath and upstairs, off the “master”, there was a half bath/ laundry room with the world’s smallest sink. Since the upstairs was a very generous bedroom, especially considering it was about 40% of the homes total square feet, we moved the laundry out of the bathroom, built a laundry room next to the bathroom (and therefore stealing some of the master’s space- but well worth it), and put a custom built-in  vanity with a marble countertop and marble- tiled shower, making the the once semi- useful bath totally efficient.

Downstairs, the bath just needed cosmetics. We tore out the hideous sink and vanity, replacing it with a beautiful console sink; replaced the toilet and fixtures, and re-tiled the floor with budget- friendly slate. Some new wainscoting added instant charm, and the adorable little casement window under the stairs was an original feature that I just love. We did all the tile in this home from Home Depot, “off the rack”, so to speak, so it was super quick and easy to get and, best of all, pretty inexpensive.

*PS- I promise our “After” pictures will get better! When I took pictures of my old home I didn’t consider that I’d be sharing them with many people, so the staging/ accessories are a bit dodgy or lacking in some of these old ones. A lot of the pictures I took of the Little Carriage House that Could were for summer rental listings, before we had moved in and finished hanging artwork, window treatments, ect., and sometimes some images look a bit Spartan.

Downstairs bath post- reno. Still love that sink...

This pic's not great, but at least you can see the new wainscoting better.

Upstairs bath pre- reno.

Upstairs bath post- reno.

Upstairs shower- sorry about the yucky bathmat on the door.*

– Chelsea