Bix's Sheep Mobile

As I’ve mentioned, our first home was the little carriage house on Regent St. It’s my husband and my first real home together and the first place we brought our son, Bixby, home to. Today I thought I’d share some pictures from our son’s first nursery. Because we moved from that house when he was only about 3 months old, it didn’t get a lot of use. It was on the first floor and our bedroom was upstairs. Bix was still sleeping in the bassinet by my bed and I just didn’t feel comfortable having him on a different floor as us… which is one of the reasons we moved. Also, since it was a two- bedroom house, his room also had to serve as a guest bedroom, so we also squeezed a day bed in the nook by the small, west- facing window. It was cute, cozy, and served it’s purpose.

His new nursery is quite an improvement- much bigger, one door down the hall from our room, and a little more finished… but I’m still waiting on window treatments, so that’s going to have to wait for another day.

– Chelsea